Our Story

Bundy - Boar & Blade Founder

The Boar & Blade story started long before founder Bundy the Barber ever picked up a blade himself… the story starts with Bundy’s grandfather. 

Before Bundy’s grandfather was an Army trooper, All Black and Maori All Black captain, he was a pig hunter. He’d go out for days on end, learning from his father the ways of the land and bush survival. At the age of 17 he tracked and killed the boar which is now mounted in our Ponsonby store.

That same year he went to serve in World War II  Blake served as a trooper with the 4th New Zealand Armoured Brigade from 1943, and saw action in Italy. 

Boar & Blade - Kiwi Blake at war

At the end of the war, he toured with the New Zealand Army rugby team, known as the "Kiwis", which was the All Black team of the time as there was no All Black team selected during the war, he appeared in 24 matches, and played alongside All Black greats Fred Allen and Bob Scott. 

Boar & Blade - Kiwi Blake the All Black

In 2013 Boar & Blade’s first barbershop in Wellington opened. Three short years (and hundreds of hours later), we opened our second Barbershop. 

Boar & Blade Barbershops have grown to two prime locations in Wellington city and Ponsonby Central building in Auckland city.

The release of Boar & Blade premium men's grooming range is a lifetime of work by Bundy which was formulated and developed in New Zealand by him. 

It pays homage to this age-old tradition of men's grooming and captures the essence of the true man. The natural and beautiful environment of New Zealand is captured within the products we produce. Boar & Blade is truly timeless.

Boar & Blade - Kiwi Blake

Mighty All Black and fearless pig hunter, my grandfather with a good head on his shoulder's, kept his hair short like his words and sharp like his wit. Boar & Blade is built on this philosophy of this brave and clever man.

Do what you love and do it well, here's to no holds barred true style.