Boar & Blade Dry Styler creates a natural finish with high volume and hold , the Dry Styler is a water based specialty product that creates a natural matte finish that will last day and night. This product was developed for any stye and can even thicken the appearance of thin and receding hair. It will style and shape naturally , creating dry, messy textured looks or volume and fullness providing great definition to textured styles. Dry Styler has amazing durable hold but will wash out with water.  The Dry Styler has a beautiful fragrance of New Zealand Manuka and citrus.


Natural feel hold and matte finish

Makes thin and receding hair look thicker.

Natural, Light, Clean.

Durable all day hold.

Great dry finish for all styles, types and lengths of hair 

How to use Dry Styler:

Rub a small amount of Dry Styler thoroughly between palms of your hands until product softens and you have a light film across your palms.  Distribute evenly through damp, wet or dry hair and style as you desire.  for a natural or thicker look apply to drier hair.